Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sun, coffee and gouache in Jaffa

Sunny spring afternoon, we're having coffee at one of the corners of Jaffa. I'm pulling out my gouache set and staring to arrange the colors on the palette. "And what about the paints?"- the waitress is asking me while she brings ours coffee. "What about them?" - I'm asking her. "They wouldn't dirt the table?" "No, please don't worry! They are water based!"
Recently I'm in love with gouache and acrylic. I want to back to painting, the real one, as I did in the art school, but I don't have proper time for it. So I'm trying to bring it to my Urban Sketching. It requires more arrangements than just watercolor and pencils. And my bag is getting heavy. But I don't give up, and it pays back - I enjoy it a lot.

In my first sketch I'm trying to capture the whole scene - the street, the coffee drinkers and especially the sun coming from theirs back and giving all the characters kind of  aureole.
The couple on the left were speaking Italian, on the right - Russian. I felt abroad.
The group that came after were German tourists.
This girl with high hairdo arrived suddenly, drunk her coffee along, and continued on her way. I barely had time to capture her.
 And at the end - how not? My friends Nathan and Shai, smoking and chatting.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Purim Sketchcrawl

Every year I want to set our monthly sketchcrawl at the Purim street party, and every year I afraid to make life of my fellow sketchers too tough :) This year I dared to do it. Now, when it's over, all I can say is - well done! we're amazing group! It was so fun!
We met one hour before the party started, stated by sketching security guys, busy by preparing to the event.
my friend Rachel is ready to the sketchcrawl :)

policemen and thieves

people are waiting to enter to the party

Finally, the party were officially opened and Rachel and me entered to the State Square together with hundred of people wearing colorful costumes. The amount of people were relatively not so big, we could even buy a beer without staying in the line and find plenty of place on the grass to sit down and relax. It was so fun to sit under the sprig sun, to absorb the atmosphere and to observe the public wearing costumes and moving around. At the beginning it was difficult to concentrate, but little by little the beer and the atmosphere were absorbed inside me and I started to sketch. Each time I "hunted" with my eyes interesting character or interaction I tried to put it on the paper.

The music and the amount of people increased together with my sketching pace. It was almost meditative - free and unconscious flow. At some point I woke up and felt overwhelmed. Just in time when Rachel reminded me that we need to return to the meeting point.
It was huge fun, fantastic experience for the people sketching lovers!
I'm already waiting for the next year :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rally against the deportation

Maybe I'm naive, but being yesterday together with tens thousands of people protesting against the deportation of refugees in South Tel Aviv made feel hopeful. Hopeful that after all we're all human and that what will lead us at the final.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What is hidden inside the garden

I knew that setting meeting point for our Sketchcrawl at Levinsky Garden will be challenging. Tel Aviv is a city of contrasts, even in the most touristic place you'll find contrasts between new and old, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor. Levinsky Garden and next to it Neve Shaanan neighborhood long time ago turned to be kind of a different country, populated by immigrants it has a life of its own and you can see straight away who's a citizen and who's a tourist. We felt a bit uncomfortable to come there with our fancy sketching tools to "hunt" our objects.
I decided to start from sketching the surrounding, despite that what interested me the most were, of course, the people. I wanted to give myself time to observe the place from distance, to absorb and to be absorbed. The garden was very nice, wide and blooming. The atmosphere there were very calm, everything were easygoing. People - black men mostly - passed slowly, stopped in groups for a few minutes of conversation and continued to pass. There were a few "constant" - the man with the orange shirt who was doing his morning washing near the garden tap. And the man in the white undershirt who was walking back and forth while turning his hands - performing strange gymnastic exercises. Nobody created eye contact and didn't approached. I felt detached and not belonging.

I moved to the edge of the garden and started to sketch people. Here as well nobody approached, just a few asked if we're drawing them. Most of them were busy talking one to another.

among black men only who occupied the benches around suddenly set down Asian woman, smoked her cigarette and moved on

I moved to the playground where I found Nitzan and her friends, and around them gathered a group of children. At the begging children were suspicious - why would group of adult people draw in the middle of their's playground? But very soon they all joined sketching. It was so gladdening scene, with a lot of great energies - the real spirit of urban sketching which creates interaction with the surrounding!
one of the mothers in the garden

children are sketching

I also did some sketches, but mostly were chatting with the children and taking pictures. Our sketchcrawl was coming to its end. We spread out our sketches on the ground, children looked at them together with us and asked when we'll come again. Some of them joined us to the final photo :)

Here are some sketches I did in the Eritrean restaurant, were we were eating with Nathan after the sketchecrawl.

beautiful couple in the restaurant

This watercolor sketch was done a few days earlier, when Nathan and me came to check the location. The pastoral garden with complicated stories inside it. We should come back!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas in Vienna

Last weekend my sister and I spend a long weekend in Vienna - elegant, classical, and so artistic capital of Austria. So we tasted some Schiele, Klimt and Breigel. And some Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss. And apple-strudel for the dessert, of course! ;)
Here are some sketches I managed to "steal".
our first supper

beautiful concert in Mozart's house

having some drinks after the concert

my beautiful sister listening to the live singer in the bar

poor horses! I'm not sure they so happy to dance waltz...

I didn't dare to skate, but it was fun to watch!

charming small concert in our hotel, called "Beethoven" 

in the local jazz club "Porgy&Bess"

wonderful show by "Marina and the Kats" Marina and her band were just electrifying!
I wish I could sketch much much more! But still, it was so nice, and I have some taste for coming again!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trip to the North

Last weekend we had a short trip to the North. Its always relaxing - change of the landscape, a lot of nature and some sketching, of course ;)
I did this sketch at the entrance to Fassuta - Arabic Christian village in Galilee, decorated for Christmas.
 Series of sketches done during our dinner:

barmen telling us the story of his life
These two paintings were done in Haifa on our way back. I miss painting!Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor

Thursday, December 7, 2017

My new Etsy shop is on!

It was a busy month, full of various events I'll tell about later.
Finally I had a little break and was able to set up my Etsy shop - something I wanted to try long ago.
I'm sketching on daily base and obviously have a huge amount of sketches done for no particular purpose.
I can talk non stop about why I sketch. When I started, it was almost physical need to move my fingers, the most accessible way to keep myself in shape for drawing. As time passed, sketching turned to be kind of obsession, part of my way of experiencing my daily routine. But most of all, sketching for me is a way to enjoy the pleasure of drawing for its own sake and a very fun way to go to a journey every day without travelling far. When I sketch I really observe the surroundings, watch what's happening, enter strangers' lives, and discover their stories.
I had doubts about offering my sketches for sell. I'm an illustrator working with clients and creating a lot of images on demand. I wanted to keep sketching being my "just for fun" part of my art. Hope it'll stay like this even if I'll let other people to purchase some prints of my sketches. I hope this way I will be able to share with other people my feelings, to show them my excitement from a scene I was sketching - a summer beach, street corner, and, of course, many different people and their stories!
So, here is my shop - you're very welcome to enter, to have a look and tell me if there are particular sketches you would like to see there in the future.
And feel free to tell about the shop to your friends ;)